DentXpert Dental Simulator

DentXpert Dental Simulator


The DentXpert suite offers a comprehensive range of dental training tools tailored for budding dental professionals. The DentXpert Dental Simulator provides an integrated training experience, allowing students to practice in a lifelike environment, replicating the nuances of real patient interactions. Complementing this is the DentXpert Dental Phantom Head, a series of meticulously designed phantom head models that serve as essential tools for pre-clinical practice teaching simulations. Together, these tools ensure a seamless transition from theoretical knowledge to practical skills, making the learning process both efficient and effective.

DentXpert Dental Simulator
DentXpert Dental Simulator
DentXpert Dental Simulator
DentXpert Dental Simulator

Key Highlights

Dual Bench Configuration: Equipped with dual benches for comprehensive dental training and practice.

Simulated Patient Experience: Features a Dental Phantom head that mimics the look and feel of a real patient and dental procedures, enhancing realism in training.

Skill Development: Aids in the development of manual dexterity and problem-solving skills among dentists and dental students.

Ideal for Educational Institutions: Specifically designed for universities and dental training centers with a modular structure to create self-contained learning stations and maximize space utilization.

Bridges Educational Gaps: Effectively reduces the gap between pre-clinical and clinical education by providing a realistic simulation environment.

Ergonomic Simulation: Offers a complete and ergonomic simulation experience that replicates lifelike situations encountered in clinical settings.

Versatile Workbench Options: Available in single or dual workbench configurations to accommodate clinical training simulations for one or two students simultaneously.

Realistic Clinical Environment Reproduction: A complete system that realistically simulates various clinical treatment procedures, replicating the dental clinic environment.

Technical Specification

Feature4-Handed Dental Simulator2-Handed Dental Simulator
Workbench Size1200700800mm (1 Set)580380800mm (1 Set)
LED Lamp2 Sets2 Sets
PhantomWith Body-Nissin Type, Silicon mask can add tube, Articulator can open & close, Mouth opens to 5cm (2 Sets)With torso (2 Sets)
Jaw/TypodontNissin Type Jaw-Fransaco Type AG4 or AG3, 28 or 32 teeth options (2 Sets)Dental typodont (2 Sets)
3-Way Syringe2 Sets2 Sets
StoolDentist Stool (2 Sets)Stool (2 Sets)
Clean Water Bottle2 Sets1 Set
Waste Water Bottle2 Sets1 Set
Foot Control2 Sets2 Sets
Pneumatic Suction2 Sets2 Sets


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The Dental Simulator provides a hands-on experience that closely simulates real patient interactions. This immersive training enhances both manual skills and critical thinking, offering students a comprehensive and practical learning experience in dentistry.

The Phantom Head Models are specifically designed for dental schools, universities, and students specializing in oral medicine. These models serve as valuable tools for students to practice and refine their skills before engaging in clinical teaching simulations, ensuring a confident and prepared transition to real patient scenarios.

Both the Dental Simulator and the Phantom Head Models feature robust and aesthetic designs. The solid structures ensure durability and stability, while the appealing designs contribute to a positive and engaging learning environment. These features collectively enhance the overall educational experience for dental students.

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