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Gnatus Timex 70E AC X-Ray

Gnatus Timex 70E AC X-Ray


The Gnatus Timex 70E AC X-Ray represents a significant leap forward in dental X-ray technology, combining eco-conscious engineering with cutting-edge functionality. As the first X-ray equipment that respects the natural environment, it sets a new benchmark in sustainable dental imaging.

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Key Highlights

95% Less Lead Green Technology:

  • Emphasizing its commitment to the environment, the Timex 70E AC X-Ray incorporates green technology with 95% less lead usage compared to traditional X-ray systems. This innovation not only makes it an eco-friendlier option but also exemplifies Gnatus’s dedication to sustainable practices.

Lightweight Design with Enhanced Radiation Isolation:

  • The X-ray head is significantly lighter, enhancing maneuverability without compromising on safety. The high degree of radiation isolation ensures the wellbeing of both patients and practitioners, maintaining rigorous safety standards.

Smooth, Precise Handling and Stability:

  • Designed for ease of use, the Timex 70E AC offers smooth and precise handling, ensuring accurate positioning for optimal imaging. The excellent stability of the system guarantees consistent and reliable results, crucial for accurate diagnostics.

Digital Control for Precision and Ease:

  • The system features advanced digital controls, allowing for precise adjustments and streamlined operation. This digital interface enhances the user experience, making it more intuitive and efficient.

300-Degree Rotation for Versatile Imaging:

  • The X-ray head offers a 300-degree rotation scale, providing unparalleled flexibility in imaging angles. This feature allows for comprehensive dental assessments, ensuring no area is left unexamined.

Thermal Protection to Prevent Overheating:

  • The Timex 70E AC is equipped with thermal protection, safeguarding the X-ray head from overheating. This safety feature enhances the longevity of the equipment and ensures safe operation during extended use.

Head Compensation Chamber for Internal Pressure Stability:

  • The inclusion of a head compensation chamber stabilizes internal pressure, maintaining the system’s performance and accuracy. This design consideration is essential for the consistent quality of radiographic images.

Technical Specification

Nominal Tension127V or 220V
Tension of Charge Exposure70kVp
Max Current of the Tube7mA
Time of Exposure60ms to 3.2s
Cylinder200mm (300mm optional)
Rectangular Collimator30 x 40mm
Equivalent Filter of Aluminum1.5mm
Nominal Focal Point Value0.8 x 0.8mm

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The nominal tension for the device is either 127V or 220V.

The power capacity of the device is 1200VA

The tension of charge exposure is 70kVp, with a maximum tube current of 7mA. The time of exposure can be adjusted in the range of 60ms to 3.2s.

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