Genoray Portable Dental X-Ray Machine- Port XII

Genoray Port XII Portable DC Dental X-Ray

Genoray Port XII Portable DC Dental X-Ray


PORT X II introduced by Genoray Co. Ltd. is the only company in Korea that has successfully established Dental X-ray products by entering the dental industry in 2013 and is making excellent results every year. Talking about the PORT X II, it has been loved by the customers for its quality not only in India but across the globe. It is widely acknowledged for its compact nature with high accuracy.

PORT XII is one of the most steadily selling Portable X-ray units and is highly recommended by dentists in India. The picture quality and its compact nature make it unique on its own. It is very handy and can be easily used in the clinical set-up with multi-chair facility. The fully lead coverage body makes it less exposed to the atmosphere and safe to use.
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Key Highlights

Top-Selling Portable X-Ray in India: Over 10,000 units sold nationwide. Recognized for its popularity and reliability across the country.

Compact and Wireless Design: Ensures ease of handling and mobility, ideal for multi-chair clinical setups.

Low Radiation Exposure: Designed to minimize patient exposure to radiation, enhancing safety.

Superior Shielding: Fully lead-coated for excellent radiation containment.

High Battery Efficiency: Capable of delivering 80-100 X-Ray shots on film or 100-120 on a sensor per charge.

Internal Lead Coating: Further reduces radiation exposure and dispersion.

High-Quality Tube: Features a 60kV / 2mA Toshiba tube with a 0.8 focal spot.

Adjustable Exposure Time: Ranges from 0.01 to 2.0 seconds, offering versatility.

Graphical LCD Display: Enhances user interface for better control and readability.

Compatibility: Works seamlessly with IOPA film and Radiovisiography sensors.

Precision Beam Limiting: Equipped with a round type beam limiting device.

Effective Filtration: Offers a total filtration of 1.8 mmAI.

Rechargeable Battery: Utilizes a Lithium-Polymer battery for reliable power.

User-Friendly Selection Modes: Includes patient and tooth selection modes for tailored usage.

Technical Specification

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The Portable X-Ray has gained its status as the top-selling X-Ray in India due to its reliability and widespread popularity. Its combination of user-friendly features, safety measures, and advanced technology makes it a preferred choice in various dental settings across the country.

The safety of both patients and operators is a primary focus. It minimizes radiation exposure through its low radiation design and internal lead coating. Additionally, superior shielding with full lead-coating and precise beam limiting significantly contain radiation, making it one of the safest options available.

This X-Ray is designed for maximum usability and efficiency, featuring a compact, wireless design for easy handling and mobility. It boasts high battery efficiency, capable of delivering a large number of X-ray shots per charge. The adjustable exposure time, high-quality Toshiba tube, and graphical LCD display further enhance its usability, making it ideal for busy clinical environments.

The Portable X-Ray is versatile and compatible with various imaging requirements. It works seamlessly with IOPA film and Radiovisiography sensors. The adjustable exposure time, ranging from 0.01 to 2.0 seconds, along with user-friendly selection modes for patient and tooth, allow for tailored usage according to specific dental imaging needs. Its effective filtration and precision beam limiting also ensure high-quality imaging results.

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