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Roland DWX 52 DCi Dental Milling Machine

Roland DWX 52 DCi Dental Milling Machine


The Roland DWX-52 DCI dry milling machine is a technologically advanced, lab-centric solution designed for high-efficiency dental restoration production. This 5-axis machine features an innovative automatic 6-disc changer, enhancing its capability for continuous, 24-hour productivity. It supports up to 15 automatic tool changes, streamlining the creation of a wide array of restorations, including crowns, copings, inlays, onlays, veneers, screw-retained crowns, implant bars, and abutments. This robust equipment is tailored for dental laboratories seeking to optimize their workflow and output quality.

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Key Highlights

The Ultimate in 24-Hour Productivity: The ultimate in ease, material flexibility and unattended production, the DWX-52DCi Dental Mill expands your lab production with a 6-slot automatic disc changer (ADC), 15-station automatic tool changer, and other automated features. It gives users of all skill levels a powerful, efficient, and affordable dental restoration solution that now includes performance visualization software and other intelligent updates.

Mill Multiple Zirconia Shades, Day and Night: Increase productivity with a mill that continues working, even when your lab is closed. Load up-to six 98.5mm discs in the ADC and mill the following materials:
• Zirconia
• Gypsum
• Glass fiber-reinforced resin
• Composite resin
• CoCr sinter metal

Performance Software for Added Efficiency: New DWINDEX software enables users to analyze production results. It offers data gathering and comparison for tool operation, material operation, and more.

Production Made Easy with Automatic Milling: The DWX-52DCi features a 15-station Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) for continuous milling and auto-adjusted air pressure that automatically switches to the right air volume in response to the CAM software material data.

Even Simpler Operation with Intuitive VPanel Software: An upgraded Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel) automatically swaps out used burs (ITC function), conducts machine diagnostics, and offers one-touch machine calibration. New and improved features include user-defined ATC tool positioning, email notifications for maintenance and milling status, and machine management for up-to four DWX-52DCi units at once

Economical Open Architecture: The DWX-52DCi doesn’t tie users to specific software or proprietary control source. Users have the freedom to work with the latest CAD/CAM software, scanners and materials of their choice

Reliability and Support: DGSHAPE by Roland ensures that your machine is always up-and-running with a two-year warranty, plus the best support in the industry from a network of customer support representatives, dedicated dealers and certified service engineers.

Technical Specification

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The DWX-52DCi is designed for unattended production with features like a 6-slot automatic disc changer (ADC), a 15-station automatic tool changer, and other automated functionalities. This ensures powerful, efficient, and continuous dental restoration, even during non-operational hours.

The mill can process various materials, including Zirconia, PMMA, Gypsum, PEEK, Glass fiber-reinforced resin, Composite resin, and CoCr sinter metal. It offers the flexibility to load up to six discs in the ADC, allowing continuous milling in different zirconia shades and other compatible materials.

The DWINDEX software provides performance visualization, allowing users to analyze production results, gather data, and compare tool and material operation. This intelligent software contributes to efficient operation and maintenance planning for the DWX-52DCi.

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