Tornado Low Speed Micro Motor Handpieces

Tornado Low-Speed Micro Motor Handpiece

Tornado Low-Speed Micro Motor Handpiece


The Tornado Low Speed Micro Rotor Handpieces are essential tools for dental professionals, offering versatility, precision, and durability. Their design caters to a wide range of clinical applications, enhancing the efficiency and quality of dental treatments.

Tornado contra-angle low-speed handpiece is an economical & widely used handpiece with stainless steel body & smooth vibrations that make it the first choice of the dentist.

Tornado Low Speed Micro Motor Handpieces
Tornado Low Speed Micro Motor Handpieces

Key Highlights

Versatile Design Variations:

Straight Handpiece: Optimized for procedures requiring straight-line access, ideal for endodontic work, surgical applications, and laboratory use.

Contra-Angle Handpiece: Designed for precision in hard-to-reach areas, perfect for cavity preparations, prophylaxis, and other restorative procedures.


Speed Capacity: Capable of reaching speeds up to 40,000 rpm, facilitating efficient and controlled dental procedures.

Fully Autoclavable: Promotes hygiene and patient safety by allowing for thorough sterilization after each use.


Stainless Steel Body: Ensures longevity and durability, resisting wear and tear from continuous use.

6-Month Warranty: Provides a guarantee of quality and reliability, crucial for dental professionals.

Technical Specification

WeightLight Weight to prevent hand fatigue.
Body MaterialStainless Steel for durability.
GripEnhanced Grip for better control.
VibrationSmooth Vibration for comfortable usage.

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Yes, the handpiece is designed to be lightweight, ensuring minimal hand fatigue during extended dental procedures.

The body of the handpiece is constructed from stainless steel, providing durability and resilience to ensure a longer lifespan.


Yes, the handpiece is designed with an enhanced grip to provide better control and precision during dental treatments.

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