NSK S-Max M25 Low Speed Handpiece

NSK S-Max M25 & M25L Low Speed Handpiece

NSK S-Max M25 Low Speed Handpiece


The NSK S-Max M25 Low Speed Handpiece is a masterfully designed tool that embodies the perfect balance of ergonomics and efficiency. Crafted for the discerning dentist, it offers a blend of technical superiority and user-centric features, making dental procedures both precise and comfortable.

NSK M25- Internal Spray Contrangle Handpiece
NSK M25- Internal Spray Contrangle Handpiece

Key Highlights

1:1 Gear Head System:

The M25 features a 1:1 gear head system, meticulously designed to enhance the dentist’s productivity. This gear ratio allows for a direct transfer of power, ensuring efficient and controlled operation, which is crucial for a wide range of dental procedures.

Integrated Shaft Bearings (ISB):

NSK’s unique ‘ISB’ technology is a standout feature of the M25. These integrated shaft bearings significantly reduce vibration, thereby ensuring more accurate and consistent performance. This stability is vital for precision dental work, especially in delicate and intricate procedures.

Easily Replaceable Cartridges:

In line with NSK’s commitment to convenience and efficiency, the M25 is equipped with easily replaceable cartridges. This design not only saves time but also simplifies maintenance, allowing dentists to quickly swap cartridges without the need for specialized tools or prolonged downtime.

Clean Head System:

The M25 incorporates a clean head system, a crucial feature for preventing cross-contamination. This system maintains the internal hygiene of the handpiece, ensuring patient safety and prolonging the life of the instrument.

Ceramic Bearings:

The use of ceramic bearings in the M25 contributes to its smooth and reliable performance. These bearings are known for their durability and ability to reduce friction, which in turn minimizes heat generation, a key factor in patient comfort.

Push-Button Chuck:

The M25 boasts a user-friendly push-button chuck, simplifying the process of changing burs. This feature enhances the efficiency of the handpiece, allowing for quick adjustments and uninterrupted workflow during dental treatments.

Ergonomic Design with Superb Grip:

Designed with the user in mind, the M25 features an ergonomic design that ensures a superb grip. This design minimizes hand fatigue and maximizes control, allowing for more comfortable and precise dental procedures.

Technical Specification

Direct Drive1:1
Max Speed40,000 min-1
For CA burs(ø2.35)
OptionOptic / Non Optic

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The handpiece is equipped with a Clean Head System, ensuring a hygienic environment by preventing the entry of contaminants and fluids into the head, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

The handpiece incorporates Ceramic Bearings, which reduce frictional wear, enhance durability, and contribute to the smooth functioning of the instrument.

The handpiece features a Push Button Chuck for convenient and easy bur changes. Its ergonomic design provides a superb grip, ensuring comfortable and efficient operation for the user.

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