S-Max SG20

NSK S-Max SG20 Surgical Handpiece

NSK S-Max SG20 Surgical Handpiece


Introducing the DSG20 Contra-Angle from NSK, a Japanese pioneer in dental instrument innovation. This product combines user-friendly features with advanced technology for dental professionals. With its effortless disassembly mechanism, resilient cellular glass optics, and lightweight titanium body, the DSG20 is designed for precision, durability, and ease of use. Incorporating NSK’s unique double sealing system and DURACOAT surface enhancement, it stands out as a reliable and comfortable choice for dental practitioners. 

S-Max SG20
S-Max SG20
S-Max SG20

Key Highlights

Streamlined Disassembly

The DSG20 contra-angle features an easy twist-based disassembly for cleaning, secured by NSK’s locking mechanism to prevent accidental detachment during use.

Cellular Glass Optics

This feature delivers superior, durable illumination that withstands repeated sterilization, maintaining clarity over time.

Lightweight Titanium Body

Crafted from biocompatible titanium, the DSG20 is light yet robust, ideal for prolonged use and frequent sterilization. Note: Titanium is used only in exterior parts.

Double Sealing System

NSK’s unique sealing system prevents fluid ingress, ensuring the instrument’s durability and reliability.

DURACOAT Surface Enhancement

NSK’s DURACOAT technology provides a smooth, scratch-resistant, and biocompatible titanium surface, enhancing user comfort.

Innovative Push Button Chuck

The NSK-designed auto-chuck mechanism simplifies bur handling, increasing retention strength under high loads for secure operation.

Technical Specification

Gear Ratio20:1 Reduction
Water SprayExternal and Internal Cooling (Kirschner and Meyer)
Body MaterialStainless Steel
Max Speed2,000 min-1
Max Torque80 Ncm

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The SG20 handpiece comes with a gear ratio of 20:1.

The SG20 handpiece has double sealing system that prevents the entry of oral fluids into the head of the handpiece and hence prevents the risk of cross contamination.

NSK SG20 implant handpiece is compatible with all major brands implant motors.

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