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NSK FX Plus With ARV Handpiece

NSK FX Plus With ARV Handpiece


The NSK FX Plus with ARV (Anti-Retraction Valve) technology represents a significant leap forward in high-speed dental handpiece design. Engineered to meet the exacting standards of modern dental practices, this handpiece combines exceptional power with innovative features to enhance clinical performance and patient safety.

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Key Highlights

30W Power Air Turbine:

  • Utilizing NSK’s advanced air turbine simulation techniques, the FX Plus delivers an impressive 30 watts of power. This power enhancement ensures more efficient cutting and drilling, enabling dentists to perform procedures with greater precision and speed.

Advanced ARV Technology:

  • The inclusion of ARV technology is a critical advancement. It prevents the reverse flow of debris and fluids into the handpiece, significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination. This feature is vital for maintaining a sterile environment and ensuring patient safety.

Clean Head System:

  • The FX Plus features a clean head system that prevents the entry of blood and other foreign matter from the oral cavity. This system is essential for maintaining the internal cleanliness of the handpiece, thus extending its lifespan and ensuring hygienic operations.

Air Pressure Regulating Valve:

  • The handpiece is equipped with an Air Pressure Regulating Valve that stabilizes the pressure supply to the head. This regulation prevents unnecessary rotational pressure, thereby prolonging the life of the cartridge and ensuring consistent performance.

Enhanced Ceramic Bearings:

  • NSK has increased the hardness of the ceramic bearings by 25%, significantly reducing frictional wear. This enhancement not only improves the handpiece’s durability but also ensures smoother operation over extended periods.

Scratch-Resistant Surface and Comfortable Grip:

  • The handpiece boasts a scratch-resistant surface, which not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a comfortable and secure grip. This ergonomic feature allows for better control and reduces hand fatigue during prolonged procedures.

Quattro Spray for Optimal Cooling:

  • The Quattro Spray feature ensures a superior cooling effect. It is crucial for preventing tissue necrosis during high-speed operations, thus enhancing patient safety and comfort.

Technical Specification

Power30 Watt
Standard HeadSpeed: 325,000-410,000 min-1
 Head Size: ø12.1 x H 13.3 mm
Miniature HeadSpeed: 380,000-450,000 min-1
 Head Size: ø10.6 x H 12.4 mm
BodyStainless Steel Body
BearingsCeramic Bearings
ButtonPush Button Chuck

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The NSK air turbine simulation techniques significantly increase the power supplied to the air turbine, providing a robust 30 W of power for improved performance.

ARV Technology is designed to prevent the reverse flow of debris into the handpiece through water, effectively avoiding cross-contamination during dental procedures.

The Clean Head System acts as a unique safety mechanism, preventing the entry of blood and foreign matter from the oral cavity into the head through air, ensuring a clean and hygienic operation.

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