Dental Diagnostic Radiography – All You Need To Know About Panoramic & Cephalometric X-Rays

Digital radiography refers to modern x-ray imaging. This uses digital x-ray sensors which produce enhanced images of dental structure on the screen. These radiographs are used to diagnose, discuss and treat any dental condition.

Types of Digital radiography

These digital radiographs can be taken either intra orally or extra orally. The intra oral radiographs are mainly used to check for any decay or bone loss with respect to teeth whereas  the extra oral radiography are used to examine teeth, TMJ or any abnormality or fracture if present in the jaw.

What are Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric X RAY?

Choosing the right X ray equipment is essential and both panoramic and cephalometric digital x ray are an excellent option. Digital panoramic x ray machine are exceptionally easy to collect, organize and access x ray images. If compared to X ray films, this technology is cheaper, more environment friendly and produces less radiation exposure for doctor as well as patient. Many of similar features are applicable to cephalometric x ray machine also with added ability to capture extra oral image for wider field of view.

What are the advantages of extra oral imaging to a Dentist?

Extra oral imaging is simple procedure to perform and is convenient for the patient too. It can be used in patient with intractable gagging problems. These images require less time to capture and show entire dentition in a single film. This helps dentist to visualize overall picture of the patient’s dentition and making a concrete treatment plan. These digital radiographs are of great means to educate the patient about their overall dental health. Orthodontist and Implantologist mainly rely on these x rays as it is of great help to visualize the dental condition of teeth for complex cases including sleep apnoea and temporomandibular joint disorders.

These machine come with add on advantages like

Multi focus system:

Where 5 panoramic images can be simultaneously acquired in a single scan, helping you to select best image.

Easy to use system:

Face to face positioning improves patient positioning providing good stability Cephalogram help present prevent any kind of image distortion. One such extra oral radiography machine with advanced features is Genoray’s Papaya Slim Machine. Papaya Slim with Cubical Semi Tomography (CUST) provides accurate tomographic cross-sectional information needed for various dental procedures like diagnosis, implant planning or orthodontic treatment. Also, these radiographs give a clear image of coronL dimensions of any lesion, thus helps in planning of any surgical procedure. This machine has a flat panel sensor and supports 9 panoramic programs including standard, orthogonal, bitewing, TMJ lateral, TMJ PA, TMJ LAT-PA, Sinus PA, Sinus lateral, Sinus Mid lateral. It has add on feature of providing radiography for child or partial arch scan to reduce patient dose. The semi topography imaging by Papaya Cust provides 256 cross sectional images required for implant planning. The overall experience for patient with this Dental Digital Radiography machine is calm one without patient feeling claustrophobic and the 3-laser guide system makes patient positioning easy with minimum artefact.
These Extra oral radiography machine is a boon to dentist as a clear view of entire dentition can be obtained with a minimum error as there are 3 scan modes providing HD quality imagining. This machine is self-standing, wheelchair accessible and doesn’t require any drill in wall or floor. Share your images with ease in the DICOM software and feel free to choose the best image which you need.

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