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Star Dental Chair


The STAR Dental Chair is a state-of-the-art dental equipment piece designed to enhance both patient comfort and practitioner efficiency. This under-hanging model is a blend of innovative technology and ergonomic design, tailored to meet the demanding needs of modern dental practices. The chair’s independent up-and-down movement and adjustable backrest ensure optimal patient positioning, while the proximity sensor-based LED light with variable intensity illuminates the oral cavity precisely, aiding in accurate and detailed dental procedures.

Star Dental Chair – Traditional Delivery Unit
Star Dental Chair – Traditional Delivery Unit
Star Dental Chair – Traditional Delivery Unit
Star Dental Chair – Traditional Delivery Unit

Key Highlights

Independent up & down movement and backrest movement of the Star Dental Under Hanging Chair.

Proximity sensor-based LED light with variable intensity.

Right arm movable in up-down position, for easy seating of the patient.

2 programs in Star Dental Chair …1 preset working position and other for Zero position.

Doctor’s stool with adjustable height.


1 round switch for the movement of the Star Dental Under Hanging Chair

2 independent switches for the air & water


Movable assistant arm

Feather-touch panel for all controls of the Star Dental chair

2 suction points for low & medium suction

1 – 3 way syringe

1 – Extra holder


Movable Glass spittoon

Cup filler with an option for warm & normal water

Programmable water flow in cup filler

Technical Specification

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The Star Dental Under Hanging Chair offers independent up & down movement as well as backrest movement. The right arm is also movable in an up-down position, ensuring easy seating of the patient and providing optimal comfort during dental treatments.

The chair is equipped with a proximity sensor-based LED light that provides variable intensity. This feature allows the dentist to adjust the light intensity according to the requirements of different dental procedures, ensuring optimal visibility.

The Star Dental Chair includes a MOVEABLE FOOT CONTROL with a round switch for chair movement, and 2 independent switches for air & water control. The assistant arm is movable and features a feather-touch panel for all controls. The water unit comprises a movable glass spittoon, cup filler with options for warm & normal water, and a programmable water flow in the cup filler, ensuring convenient operation during dental treatments.

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