Gnatus S500 Dental Chair

Gnatus S500 Dental Chair


The Gnatus S 500 Dental Chair is among the most advanced version of the Gnatus S Series Model, AVAILABLE IN THE CONTINENTAL OR OVERHEAD DELIVERY SYSTEM, its spellbinding – design and extreme comfortable look stand out besides the ergonomics of the design that have been incorporated in this model to ensure outstanding performance for the Dental Professional along with complete comfort for the Dental patient.

Backed by well-trained after-sales support staff, with a Pan India presence, The S500 offers the end-users the complete peace of mind, Packed with the improved features. These dental chairs are the smartest choice for dentistry.
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Key Highlights

Gnatus S500 Dental chair comes with newly designed Bosch motors for smooth & jerk-free movements.

Option for Left-handed dentistry makes it most user-friendly.

Trendelenburg position can be attained, along with Synchronised motion of Chair movement for great patient comfort.

Stitched sofa upholstery with memory foam, support the patient’s curve & ensures complete comfort to the patient.

Automatic downward movement of the right arm when the S5oo chair goes to zero position.

Safety Anti-crushing system to prevent breakage and damage to any obstruction that may occur during S500 Dental Chair movement.

When you buy an S500 dental chair you also take responsibility for the patient’s safety. Emergency switch to prevent movement blocking of the chair to prevent unwanted accidents.

Bio-System – disinfection system to clean the tubing through liquid bactericide which increases the life of the tubing.

When it comes to stating the best dental chair brand, Gnatus is backed by some remarkable qualities like zero backache stool for spine support for the long dental procedures.

Philips 5 LED dental lights & proximity sensor for hands-free operation & maintain hygiene during dental procedures.

Double articulated headrest for handicapped & Pediatric patients, headlock system with lever.

Microprocessor controlled single high reliable PCB which controls all chair operations.

Non-Corrosive Dupont paints on both sides of the base plate to avoid rust.

New designed Bosch motor for Jerk free & smooth movement.

Anti-Skid rubberized base with High-quality ABS engineering plastic provides better stability & rust protection.

Face Lift – Base completely redesigned with new plastic cover fixed in the base for better finish and stability.

Stitched uniquely textured comfort upholstery for extreme patient comfort.

Synchronized motion of the S500 Chair, making the experience very comfortable for the patient.

Integrated Junction box


Integrated JOYSTICK in the foot control for easy operation & dental Chair movement controls.

3 customized programs & auto return to zero position.

Activation (on/off) of the dental light for hands-free operation during surgery

Emergency Switch Available


Removable spittoon for easy cleaning.

The spittoon is rotatable 90 Degree.

Proximity Sensor: Auto control the spittoon water.

Assistant side-arm, which has an inbuilt high and low vacuum suction, along with a 3 –way syringe.

The assistant side-arm has the controls for the dental Chair movements and the spittoon control along with the cup filler controls.


Philips 5LED Sensor Light with 15,000 -35000 Lux intensity.

3 levels of Light intensity can be set using the hands-free sensor.

Light can be controlled by hand & foot control as well for the maintenance of hygiene.

60° adjustable & autoclavable handles.

Technical Specification

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The Gnatus S500 Dental Chair is equipped with newly designed Bosch motors, offering smooth and jerk-free movements. It provides an option for left-handed dentistry, a Trendelenburg position, and synchronized chair movement for enhanced patient comfort. The chair also features safety measures such as an Anti-crushing system and an Emergency switch, ensuring patient safety during procedures.

d Nickel-Cr, offering unmatched versatility and precision. It can also handle zirconia, lithium dioxide, and more, making it suitable for a wide range of dental applications.

Gnatus S500 Dental Chair is designed with features such as a zero backache stool for spine support, Philips 5 LED dental lights with a proximity sensor for hands-free operation, and a double articulated headrest with a headlock system. These features, along with a microprocessor-controlled PCB for chair operations, stitched comfort upholstery, and ergonomic design, ensure a comfortable and efficient experience for dental professionals.

The S500 Dental Chair incorporates a Bio-System for tubing disinfection, an integrated joystick in the foot control for easy chair movement, and an Emergency switch to prevent unwanted accidents. The Water Unit includes a removable and rotatable spittoon with a proximity sensor for automatic water control. The LED Light features Philips 5LED Sensor Light with adjustable intensity levels and hands-free control for maintaining hygiene during dental procedures.

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