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The GENORAY 3D System family welcomes its latest addition, the PAPAYA 3D PREMIUM PLUS. This advanced machine integrates innovative imaging technology with a range of unique and versatile features, designed to streamline dental procedures. It emphasizes ease of use and precision, aiming to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of dental work. The PAPAYA 3D PREMIUM PLUS stands out for its ability to simplify complex imaging tasks, making it a valuable tool for dental professionals seeking to elevate their practice’s capabilities.

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Key Highlights

Multi-Modal Imaging: PAPAYA 3D PREMIUM combines 3D CT, panoramic, and optional cephalometric imaging, catering to a wide range of diagnostic needs in one comprehensive system.

Dedicated Sensor Technology: Equipped with three dedicated CMOS and Amorphos silicon flat-panel sensors, ensuring long-lasting performance and prolonged sensor life by distributing the load evenly for both 2D and 3D imaging.

Smart Positioning: Achieve high-quality scans effortlessly with an intelligent database that adapts to patient-specific exposure conditions and previous image positioning, eliminating the need for additional adjustments.

Scout Mode: Minimize positioning errors using the scout mode feature.

Metal Artefact Removal: Enhance image clarity with Smart Metal Artefact Removal (SMARF) technology.

Rapid Cephalometric Imaging: Capture cephalometric images in just 2 seconds with 2Sec Ceph (plus) technology, preventing patient movement and improving image quality. (Optional One-Shot Ceph available in Premium version)

Zero Error Imaging: Experience error-free imaging for precise implant planning, TMJ analysis, airway assessment, and more.

Versatile Scan Modes: Choose from three scan modes – Normal, Fast, and HD – to meet specific diagnostic requirements.

Free FOV Selection: Enjoy the flexibility of selecting the FOV that suits your practice, from 4×5 cm for endodontic cases to 23×24 cm for maxillofacial and neuro cases.

Efficient Scanning: Achieve rapid image acquisition, with scanning times ranging from 7.7 to 14.5 seconds and reconstruction in under a minute.

Specialized Imaging: Access different modes with specific FOVs for middle ear, nose, sinus, airway, vertebrae, and temporal regions.

Model Scanning: Digitize both impressions and plaster casts with PAPAYA 3D PREMIUM, and instantly store the digitized models in STL format for future use, reducing the need for physical plaster casts.

Seamless Image Sharing: Share images effortlessly in DICOM® format, supporting open software architecture and allowing you to choose the software solution that best suits your needs.

Rugged and Secure: Designed with sealed bases and columns to protect against pests and prevent wire cutting and short-circuiting.

User-Friendly and Portable: PAPAYA 3D PREMIUM is self-standing, eliminating the need for wall or floor drilling, and it’s wheelchair accessible for added convenience.

Technical Specification

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GENORAY PAPAYA 3D PREMIUM offers multiple imaging modes, including 3D CT, panoramic, and optional cephalometric imaging (One-Shot Ceph available in the Premium version).

Yes, PAPAYA 3D PREMIUM is designed to meet a wide range of diagnostic needs, making it suitable for implant planning, TMJ analysis, airway assessment, and more.

Absolutely. PAPAYA 3D PREMIUM provides image data in DICOM® format, allowing seamless sharing and compatibility with open software architecture for your convenience.

Toggle No special installation is needed, as PAPAYA 3D PREMIUM is self-standing and doesn’t require drilling into walls or floors. It is also wheelchair accessible for maximum convenience.Content

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