Conventional VS Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Cone Beam Computed Tomography has gained prominence in the field of oral radiology in this age of modern technology because of its benefits over conventional radiography. Cone-beam computed tomography is a modification of the regular CT system. Dentists typically employ CBCT devices, which circle the patient and record data using a cone-shaped X-ray beam. These data are then utilized to create a 3D image of the dental, maxillofacial, and ENT areas.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Conventional radiography (also known as SFR) is still used widely than digital but the reasons behind the declining popularity of SFR are—

  • Fixed-dose latitude.
  • Fixed non‐linear greyscale.
  • Limited potential for reducing the dose to the patients. 
  • Images cannot be changed in contrast once they have been processed further.
  • The films are expensive, use hazardous materials for processing.
  • Labor-intensive and long-term storage and the retrieval of the film are also difficult. 

Now Let Us Briefly See How CBCT Has Overcome The Conventional CT:

  • Lower Radiation to the Patient: In many kinds of research, it is proven that CBCT dental machine provides a much lower radiation dose as compared to conventional CT scans. As a result, the patient’s health benefits because studies reveal that CBCT has a 98 percent lower radiation dose than a standard CT scan.Low Radiation To Be Patient
  • Various Fields of Application: CBCT provides a variety of fields of view (FOV) to choose from depending on the patient’s diagnostic needs. Different FOV choices make it easy to diagnose the desired area according to the treatment planned. This FOV choice enables one to opt from the area of interest that is to be exposed to radiation while in conventional it is not possible with these varied ranges.
    Application Fields
  • Faster Scan Time: CBCT scans take less time than traditional CT scans because it creates a whole volume image in a single scan rotation, whereas traditional CT scans create a single slice image every scan.
    Faster Scanner
  • Economical: The conventional CT machine systems price is much higher as compared to CBCT machine p thus CBCT is economical and is scanning cost paid by the patient is also much lower in case of CT scan machines. As a result, it benefits both the patient and the diagnostic system owner.
  • Easy To Use: Operating a dental CBCT system is comparable to operating a panoramic imaging system, therefore there isn’t much technical knowledge necessary. In addition, most CBCT systems allow the dentist to convert the CBCT image to a dental panoramic image, which is a useful feature.
    Easy To Use
  • Patient Satisfaction: Because interpreting a 2D image is more challenging for a patient than interpreting a 3D image, CBCT helps the patient to better understand the diagnosis. As a result, CBCT images make the patient feel more at ease accepting the treatment as the patient views a better image to understand the anomaly.

Single Scan CBCT Machine


Genoray Papaya 3D is changing the future of dental digital imaging by combining 3D CT, panoramic and cephalometric imaging to suit all diagnostic needs. The versatile imaging capability provides the user with accurate information and treatment planning.

Decisively taking into account the economical fact and the exposure of the patient radiation, CBCT is a boon for the dental practitioners and has bought a new level of treatment planning procedure in dentistry.

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