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BeSmile Coloring Liquids offer a comprehensive range of solutions for dental professionals aiming to achieve natural, vivid, and aesthetically pleasing dental restorations. These liquids are tailored to match specific Vita color systems, ensuring seamless integration with dental restorations. Available in three variants – Standard, Master, and Artist – BeSmile Coloring Liquids cater to a wide range of coloring needs, from basic to highly specialized and artistic applications.

BeSmile Coloring Liquid Standard Kit
BeSmile Coloring Liquid Master Kit
BeSmile Coloring Liquid Artist Kit 1
BeSmile Coloring Liquid Artist Kit 2

Key Highlights


  • Matched to VITA 16 Color System: Precise color matching for the classic 16 colors.
  • Application Methods: Suitable for both dipping and brushing (paint-on) methods.
  • Fast-Coloring: Ensures quick application with consistent results.
  • Ideal for Aconia White Blanks: Optimized for use with Aconia white blanks, utilizing Aconia Coloring Technology.


  • Matched to VITA 26 Color System: Accurate color matching for the comprehensive 3D-Master 26 colors.
  • Versatile Application: Applicable through both dipping and brushing methods.
  • Uniform Coloring: Achieves consistent color with no difference between pontic and neighboring crowns.
  • Optimized for Aconia White Blanks: Designed to yield ideal results when used with Aconia white blanks.


  • Realistic and Lifelike Appearance: Restores a naturally lifelike look to restorations.
  • Special Color Reproduction: Capable of reproducing rare and special colors.
  • Artistic Effect: Enables the creation of aesthetically pleasing art effects.
  • Customization: Allows for individualized customization without the need for preparing and mixing.
  • Ideal with Aconia Blanks: Delivers optimal results when applied on Aconia blanks.

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Standard Coloring Liquid is aligned with the VITA 16 color system, Master with the VITA 26 color system, and Artist is for creating realistic, individualized artistic effects.

While they are ideal for use with Aconia blanks, their versatile application methods make them suitable for a wide range of dental zirconia products.

No, the Artist Coloring Liquids are ready to use, allowing for immediate start of the coloring process without the need for additional preparation or mixing.

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