One clinic kit contains many sub kit to give a complete package for the new set up clinic. High-quality stainless steel material is used to make instruments quality premium. To keep them safe & secure leather bags are provided. 2 years of warranty provided.


Key Highlights

The Handle With Gentle Textured Groove.

The Handle With Hollow Pattern & Light Weight

The Handle Solid With Gentle Textured Groove 6mm

The Handle With Gentle Textured Groove And Holders With Locking System

The Handle Solid With Gentle Textured Groove 6mm

The Handle With Gentle Groove Ring Pattern

Perfect balance of the Instruments and reduced risk of slipping

100% Rust Free

Maximum Resistance to Wear Corrosion

Technical Specification

ItemSpecificationCatalog Number
Extraction Forceps # Upper Central/Incisor#1API-99-001
Extraction Forceps # Upper Premolar#7API-99-005
Extraction Forceps # Lower Premolar#13API-99-007
Extraction Forceps # Upper Molar Right#17API-99-008
Extraction Forceps # Upper Molar Left#18API-99-009
Extraction Forceps # Upper Roots/Boinet#51AAPI-99-030
Extraction Forceps # Upper Wisdom/Third Molar#67AAPI-99-037
Extraction Forceps # Lower Molar#73API-99-039
Extraction Forceps # Lower Roots#74NAPI-99-042
Extraction Forceps # Lower Molar Cowhorn#86CAPI-99-050
Extraction Forceps # Upper Molar Cowhorn Right#89API-99-052
Extraction Forceps # Upper Molar Cowhorn Left#90API-99-052
Root Elevator Apexo Straight#720/20API-99-151
Root Elevator Apexo Left#720/10API-99-152
Root Elevator Apexo Right#720/11API-99-153
Root Elevator Cryer Left#720/27API-99-182
Root Elevator Cryer Right#720/28API-99-183
Root Elevator Straight (Hospital Pattern)N/AN/A
Root Elevator Coupland #1#1API-99-197
Crossbar/Winter Cryer Left775/7API-99-234
Crossbar/Winter Cryer Right775/8API-99-235
Straight Probe Single EndedS/EAPI-99-546
Ball Burnisher S/MS/MAPI-99-649
Amalgam Serrated CondenserSmallAPI-99-620
Spoon Excavator # 2980#2980API-99-740
Parallelogram Condenser SmallSmallAPI-99-634
Plastic Filling Instrument # 3067#3067API-99-647
GMT # 28#28API-99-696
GMT # 29#29API-99-697
Hatchets – SmallSmallAPI-99-770
Hollenback CarverFineAPI-99-678
Wards CarverFineAPI-99-674
Diamond Shape CarverFineAPI-99-679
Needle Holder Mayo Hager6”API-99-361
Surgical CuretteD/EAPI-99-782
Moon’s ProbeS/EN/A
Bone Rongeurs BlumenthalN/AAPI-99-130
Periostal Elevator Molt#9M9API-99-759
Bone File # MillerN/AAPI-99-770
M.M.Top With Handle#5API-99-528 & 524
Straight Probe Single EndedS/EAPI-99-546
London College Tweezer#2API-99-518
Crown Bridge Remover Fully AutomaticGun TypeAPI-99-978

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The API Extraction Forceps Kit includes 12 essential instruments, featuring extraction forceps for various dental procedures. This set encompasses forceps for upper central/incisor, upper premolar, lower premolar, upper molar right and left, upper roots/Boinet, upper wisdom/third molar, lower molar, lower roots, lower molar cowhorn, upper molar cowhorn right, and upper molar cowhorn left.

Certainly! The Root Elevator Kit consists of 9 specialized instruments, including Root Elevator Apexo Straight, Root Elevator Apexo Left, Root Elevator Apexo Right, Root Elevator Cryer Left, Root Elevator Cryer Right, Root Elevator Straight (Hospital Patten), Root Elevator Coupland #1, Crossbar/Winter Cryer Left 775/7, and Crossbar/Winter Cryer Right 775/8.

The Conservative Instruments Kit comprises 12 instruments, featuring Straight Probe Single Ended, Ball Burnisher S/M, Amalgam Serrated Condenser, Spoon Excavator # 2980, Parallelogram Condenser Small, Plastic Filling Instrument # 3067, GMT # 28, GMT # 29, Hatchets – Small, Hollenback Carver, Wards Carver, and Diamond Shape Carver.

The Oral Surgery Kit consists of 10 essential instruments, including B.P. Handle Round, Gum Scissor Straight, Gum Scissor Curved, Artery Forceps, Needle Holder Mayo Hager, Surgical Curette, Moon’s Probe, Bone Rongeurs Blumenthal, Periostal Elevator Molt#9, and Bone File # Miller.

The Diagnostic PMT Set includes 3 instruments – M.M.Top With Handle, Straight Probe Single Ended, and London College Tweezer.

The Crown & Bridge Remover set includes a fully automatic (Gun Type) Crown Bridge Remover along with 9 tips. These tips include 1 x Crown & Bridge remover #CRS/CRP, 1 x Single crown remover tip #CR1, 1 x Crown remover Tip Bifi D #CR2, 1 x Crown & Bridge removing Tip Sickel #CR3, 1 x Single Crown Remover Contra Angle Tip #CR4, 1 x Single Crown Remover tip inverted Curved #CR5, 1 x Single Crown Remover Straight #CR6, 1 x Bridge Remover Flexi-Wire Set #CR7, and 1 x Bridge Removing Tip with Lock #CR8. Additionally, the set includes tools for adjustment such as 1 x Tip adjustment Key #CR9 and 1 x Open Ended adjustment Wrench #CR10.

Associated Brands