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BioArt Articulator A7 Plus


The Bio-art A7Plus Articulator is a cutting-edge dental tool designed with precision and efficiency in mind. Crafted with a robust aluminum structure, it promises unparalleled stability during use. Its unique design not only ensures durability but also offers enhanced visibility, making dental procedures more streamlined and effective.

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Key Highlights

Robust Construction: Made of high-quality aluminum, ensuring long-lasting durability and stability during use.

Enhanced Visibility: Its innovative design provides clear visibility, allowing for more precise dental work.

Semi-adjustable/Arcon Type: Offers flexibility and adaptability to various dental procedures.

Fixed Intercondylar Distance: Set at the average of 110mm, ensuring consistent measurements and alignments.

Curved Condylar Guide: Designed for accuracy and precision in capturing jaw movements.

Adjustable Condylar Guide Angle: Allows for customization based on individual patient needs.

Central Lock: Ensures stability and precision during procedures.

Silicon Connection System: Stabilizes the movement of the condylar guide bow, ensuring smooth operations.

Support Pin: Conveniently supports the upper frame in an open position, enhancing usability.

Versatility: Can be paired with either standard or elite faces based on specific requirements.

Technical Specification

Construction MaterialHigh-quality Aluminum
VisibilityEnhanced for clear visibility
TypeSemi-adjustable/Arcon Type
Intercondylar DistanceFixed at 110mm for consistent measurements
Condylar GuideCurved for accuracy in capturing jaw movements
Adjustable Guide AngleCustomizable based on individual patient needs
Locking MechanismCentral Lock for stability and precision
Connection SystemSilicon Connection for stabilized movements
Support PinIncluded for supporting upper frame in open position
VersatilityCompatible with standard or elite faces

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Yes, the dental articulator is constructed with high-quality aluminum, ensuring robustness and long-lasting durability, providing stability during various dental procedures.

Absolutely. The innovative design of the articulator enhances visibility, allowing for clear and precise dental work, contributing to more accurate procedures.

Yes, the articulator is of the semi-adjustable/Arcon type, offering flexibility and adaptability to a variety of dental procedures. It is designed to meet the diverse needs of dental professionals.

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