Rubber Dam Kit – With 11 Clamps & Clamp Holder

Rubber Dam Kit – With 11 Clamps & Clamp Holder

Rubber Dam Kit – With 11 Clamps & Clamp Holder


A high-quality stainless-steel rubber dam kit with Ivory punch handle and available with 11 clamps. It is 100 % corrosion resistance and fully autoclavable.

Rubber Dam Kit – With 11 Clamps & Clamp Holder Banner
Rubber Dam Kit – With 11 Clamps & Clamp Holder Banner

Key Highlights

The Punch Ivory Handle With Smooth Gripp.
The Forcep Stockes Handle Designed for Clamps Holding.
The Clamps With High Quality Stainless Steel and Well Temperatured & Flaxible.
100% Rust Free.
Maximum Resistance to Wear Corrosion.
Fully Autoclavble.
Easy in Grasp, Gripp and Clean.
ISO 9001-2015 Certified.
CE Certified Products.

Technical Specification

HeadingNew Cat. No
1x Rubber Dam Punch IvoryAPI-99-889
1x Rubber Dam Forcep StockesAPI-99-890
1x Rubber Dam Clamp Holder S.S.API-99-RDCO
1x Rubber Dam Frame S.S. 5×5API-99-882
1x Clamp S.S. A1API-99-902
1x Clamp S.S. A2API-99-903
1x Clamp S.S. A3API-99-904
1x Clamp S.S. A4API-99-905
1x Clamp S.S. A5API-99-906
1x Clamp S.S. A6API-99-907

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The Punch Ivory Handle is designed with a smooth grip, providing ease of use during dental procedures. This feature ensures a comfortable and secure grasp, contributing to enhanced usability for dental professionals.

The Forcep Stocks Handle is specifically designed for holding clamps during dental procedures. This design ensures effective and secure handling of rubber dam clamps, contributing to precise and controlled placement in various dental applications.

The Clamps are made of high-quality stainless steel and are well-tempered and flexible. They are 100% rust-free, exhibit maximum resistance to wear and corrosion, and are fully autoclavable. Additionally, they are easy to grasp, providing a secure grip, and are easy to clean. These attributes make them ISO 9001-2015 certified and CE certified products, meeting high-quality standards in the dental industry.

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