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Anthos A7 Plus Dental Chair


The Anthos A7 Plus Dental Chair is a state-of-the-art dental chair that combines comfort, technology, and opportunity. It is designed with planned spaces, coordinated movements, and perfect shaping to enhance the experience of the dentist, assistant, and patient. The chair features advanced technological functions, including a multitouch panel and voice control, to meet the most stringent clinical requirements. It offers outstanding performance, aesthetic and ergonomic personalization, and authentic versatility.

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Key Highlights


Available in Full Touch Clinic or Full Touch Multimedia versions.

7” multitouch HD screen for immediate data display.

Controls patient chair movement and displays data for various dental works.

 Impact and water-resistant protective glass.


Multimedia Control Panel:

Displays camera-captured images and X-rays in HD.

Can be used to watch dental unit use and maintenance clips.

Includes a USB port for saving and downloading personalized settings.


NFC Connectivity:

Personalized settings for up to 20 users with a supplied bracelet.

FLUO Micromotors:

Features FIT technology for detecting composite materials in teeth.

– UV LED lights incorporated in the micromotor.


Endodontic Applications:

Comprehensive system including a micromotor, database of contra angles and endodontic files, and electronic apex locator.

Precision-controlled via the Full Touch panel.


Implantology System Integration:

Brushless micromotor, peristaltic pump, and surgical handpiece integration.

User-friendly interface for managing every stage of work.


Comfort and Ergonomics:

Tapered patient chair shaping for optimal dentist ergonomics.

Soft Motion technology for gradual, fluid movements.

Various backrest and headrest options for patient comfort.


Voice Controls:

Optional voice assistant for optimizing patient chair time and minimizing physical contact.

Advanced Lighting:

Venus LED MCT operating light with multiple adjustments.

Sensor for adjustable light intensity up to 50,000 Lux.


Integrated X-Ray Systems:

RXDC – HyperSphere technology for intra-oral X-ray.

Zen-X X-ray sensor incorporated in the dentist’s module.


Safety and Hygiene Systems:

Advanced hygiene systems for minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

Full control over sanitization cycles via the Full Touch panel.


Integrated Systems Control:

Full integration of systems with dental unit electronics for comprehensive control and personalization.

Technical Specification

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The Anthos A7 Plus Dental Chair is designed with patient comfort as a priority. It features an ergonomically designed chair that contours to the patient’s body, providing excellent support during procedures. The chair’s smooth movements and adjustable settings allow for optimal positioning, reducing discomfort and anxiety for patients during dental treatments.

The Anthos A7 Plus Dental Chair is equipped with advanced features that streamline dental procedures. It includes intuitive control systems for easy adjustment of chair positions, integrated instrument holders for quick access, and customizable settings that can be tailored to each dentist’s preferences and procedural needs. These features collectively enhance workflow efficiency and reduce procedure times.

The Anthos A7 Plus Dental Chair is built with high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring long-term durability and reliability. It is designed to withstand the rigors of daily dental practice, including frequent adjustments and varying patient weights. Additionally, its easy-to-clean surfaces and maintenance-friendly design ensure that the chair remains in excellent condition, providing a lasting investment for dental practices.

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