Anthos A3 Plus- Dental Chair and Unit- Exceeding Expectations

For many years, visiting a dental surgeon was regarded as an unpleasant experience. It entailed sitting in front of bright light while having your mouth probed by several types of equipment. Despite the fact that dental health is critical for overall health and for having a pleasant smile, many people avoid dental visits due to their discomfort.

Dental Surgeon

Thankfully, innovations in technologies have made dental visits more adaptable and less stressful. The dental sector is flourishing and popping up than it did in previous years as a result of these improvements. If more focus is provided on the management and prophylaxis, then there is a chance of lesser dental diseases in patients. 

These advancements in dental chairs not only aid profit to the dentist and his practice but also help in improving the patient’s experience. While selecting the dental chair for your clinic, it is essential to consider a few aspects for the amelioration of both patient and dentist. 

Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Dental Chair:

Choosing the right Dental Chair

  • Patient’s comfort level or proper sitting posture
  • Patient’s relaxation and stress level during operation
  • Dentist’s ease of using the dental instruments and Dental equipment
  • Safety of the dental chair
  • Asepsis maintenance during operations
  • Uncompromised visibility

Why Choose Anthos A3 Plus Dental Chair?

With over 60 years of experience, the Cefla group, established in Italy, has been the forerunner of the Anthos Brand of dental chairs and units, that are structurally sound and long-lasting, as well as functional. 

There are 5 reasons to choose Anthos A3 Plus Dental Chair to upgrade your dental practice.

  1. Improved Ergonomics: The dental chair is made of cast aluminum and has non-jerk motions, thanks to dual German AC motors. The instrument control panel of Anthos A3 plus Dental Chair provides you more control over your work. Finding the proper button is now easier than ever thanks to a layout that separates patient chair controls from the dental unit and instruments control. The module with the swinging tubes provides for easy removal and replacement of instruments due to its unique design. 
    Anthos A3 Plus Dental Chair
  2. Enhanced Patient Comfort: Patient comfort is extremely important since it can assist them to relax during dental operations. This is highly relevant because many patients are anxious and worried when they visit the dentist. As a result, a relaxing dental chair will help the patient to relieve stress. A3 plus dental chair is a comfortable combo that helps both the dentist and the patient. This chair is robust, yet narrow and perfectly designed, allowing the dentist to work closer to the patient while maintaining comfort.A3 Plus Dental Chair
  3. Increased Chair & Patient Safety: The new ISO joint improves patient comfort by allowing for smooth synchronized movements and retaining cradle position. In the event of an emergency, it can also hold a Trendelenburg position, making the dentist’s work easier. To avoid any undesired accidents, there are also safety features in the chair backrest, base & assistant arm.New ISO Joint
  4. Secure Performance: There is a large selection of instruments available that are fully integrated with dental unit electronics, providing the dentist with the most up-to-date technology and allowing quick access to vital Anthos product functionalities. Anthos A3 Plus dental chair’s new model comes integrated with a lightweight optic micromotor and an optic scaler for safe & effective supragingival & subgingival scaling. The dentist on the other hand can request a sixth instrument to work in conjunction with his preferred unit electronics
  5. Powerful Illumination: The Venus plus L LED dental light hermetically covered front screen allows the dentist to see the surgical site clearly and without compromise. It incorporates an infrared sensor that allows it to control the dental light on and off aseptically during surgery. It has a natural daylight quality light with adjustable intensity from 3,000 to 50,000 Lux and 5000K color temperature.Venus Plus L Led Light


Anthos, Italy’s foremost dental unit manufacturer, offers a newly advanced dental chair to ensure that every dentist may choose a model that suits their unique working style. This brand is a popular choice among dentists all around the world because of its great design, officially recognized quality, and excellent performance. The enticing design emanates quality and elegance, and it is aimed at dental professionals searching for a dental unit that is pleasant in every way for the dentist, assistant, and patient. 

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