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All-in-One PC Intraoral Camera


The All-in-One PC Intraoral Camera is an advanced dental imaging tool designed to enhance the diagnostic capabilities of dental professionals. With its superior lens and high-resolution imaging, this camera provides clear, detailed views of the oral cavity, making it an indispensable tool for modern dental practices.

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Key Highlights

High-Quality 1/4-CMOS Lens:

  • The camera is equipped with a 1/4-CMOS lens, renowned for its high-quality imaging capabilities. This lens ensures that the images captured are clear and detailed, providing valuable insights for dental examinations and treatments.

13.0 Mega Pixels Resolution:

  • With a high resolution of 13.0 Megapixels, the camera delivers exceptionally clear and detailed images. This high resolution is critical for identifying and diagnosing oral health issues with precision.

5V Operating Voltage:

  • The camera operates at a safe and efficient 5V voltage, making it a reliable tool for continuous use in dental practices.

6 White LED Lights for Adequate Illumination:

  • Equipped with 6 WHITE LED lights, the camera provides sufficient illumination to capture detailed intraoral images. This feature ensures that all areas within the oral cavity are well-lit and visible for accurate examination.

Versatile Focus Range:

  • The camera offers a focus range of 10–40 mm, allowing for versatile imaging of different areas within the oral cavity. This adaptability is essential for comprehensive dental examinations and treatments.

Wide Angle of View at 105°:

  • With a wide angle of view of 105°, the camera enables a comprehensive examination of the oral cavity. This wide viewing angle ensures that no area is left uninspected, enhancing the thoroughness of dental assessments.

Technical Specification

Lens TypeHigh-Quality 1/4-CMOS Lens
Resolution13.0 Mega Pixels
Operating Voltage5V
Illumination6 White LED Lights
Focus Range10–40 mm
Angle of View105° Wide Angle


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The 1/4-CMOS lens is renowned for its high-quality imaging capabilities, ensuring that the images captured are exceptionally clear and detailed. This level of clarity is crucial for accurately identifying and diagnosing oral health issues, thus enhancing the quality of dental examinations and treatments.

The high resolution of 13.0 Megapixels provides exceptionally clear and detailed images, critical for precise identification and diagnosis of dental conditions. This high-resolution imaging allows dental professionals to detect subtle issues that might be missed with lower-resolution cameras, leading to more accurate diagnoses and effective treatment planning.

The wide angle of view of 105° allows for comprehensive examinations of the oral cavity. It ensures that a larger area can be inspected in a single image, reducing the need for multiple images and providing a more complete view of the oral health of the patient. This feature is essential for thorough dental assessments, as it ensures that no area within the oral cavity is overlooked during the examination process.

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