Advantages of Electric Driven Handpieces Over Air Turbine.

The dental handpiece is the most essential and regularly used dental equipment in dentistry for various procedures. The vast array of uses in general dentistry, endodontics, implantology necessitates a versatile handpiece. A fantastic dental handpiece plays an important role to support dentists for various clinical applications. 

General Dentistry

Because dentists must choose the correct dental handpieces for a relentless dental practice, it is necessary for them to understand the intricacies of both types of handpieces. The handpiece’s bur is powered by either air or electricity. Electric and air-driven handpieces each have their own set of benefits. 

Nowadays the increased demand for aesthetic resin restorations in a timely manner has provided the dentists a profitable practice and also allowed the dentist to fit into the patient’s hectic schedule. In recent years many technical advancements have allowed dentists to place bonded restorations quickly and easily while yet producing long-lasting results. 

The Unnoticed Disadvantages Of Air Driven Handpieces

Because it is substantially less expensive than an electrical handpiece, the air-driven dental handpiece is extensively used.  It generates a cutting or rotational action using compressed air energy. The lightweight, low head height of the air-driven handpieces makes them easier to handle. However, air-driven handpieces have several disadvantages which are often overlooked by the dentist. 

  • The distinctive whirring noise and vibrating sensation of the air rotor 
  • The patient discomfort and increased stress level due to the high noise of the air rotor
  • The reduced speed is due to build-up resistance in the tooth while cutting.
  • Reduced torque level 
  • Interrupted cutting efficiency
  • The more aerosol formation makes the clinical environment contaminated

Electrical handpieces are a preferable option to utilizing in the dental clinic because the dentist’s major goal is to give a soothing and stress-free clinical environment and treatment to the patient by improving patient comfort. 

The 3 Remarkable Advantages Of Electrical Handpieces

Electrical Handpieces Blog

The spinning and cutting motion of the burs are created by an electric motor in electrical handpieces. There are several advantages of electrically driven handpieces over air-driven handpieces.

  1. Constant Speed & Torque:
    Speed and Torque Handpieces

    Electric handpieces provide a constant speed and torque that does not change as the load increases. Due to the constant pace, it also creates a smoother and more precise cut, allowing for greater flexibility in preparations. 

    When cutting through dental crowns and using the device on dense materials helps to eliminate delays and speed variations. Loads do not appear to affect the speed and torque of electric dental handpieces, but they do affect the speed and torque of air-driven handpieces.

  2. Improved Patient Comfort:

    Patient Comfort

    Electric handpieces are also liked by patients since they are quieter and do not give the same vibrating sensation. This is a major deal for people with dental anxiety, it might help them stick to their treatment plan. Furthermore, patient happiness leads to better internet reviews and higher patient retention.

  3. Less Aerosol Formation:

    Aerosol Formation

    Following dental treatments, an aerosol cloud of particulates and water is commonly evident while using an air-driven handpiece to prepare teeth. The main benefit of an electric handpiece is that it produces less aerosol. 

Making the Decision:

Making a decision of switching from air turbine to electric handpieces is now so easy with NSK NLZ E electric micromotor.

NSK Electric Micromotor

It has been engineered to be as light as possible in order to optimize the balance of the instrument and motor in the clinician’s hand, decreasing fatigue during extended procedures. This NSK Dental Micromotor can be utilized for both crown preparation as well as endodontic treatment by just changing the contra-angle of different gear ratios.


The electric handpiece allows for faster cutting & maximum handpiece durability by providing steady speed  & high torque with very little noise. No wonder electric handpieces are growing in popularity nowadays.  Using the most up-to-date electric handpieces can help you be more accurate in your clinical practice, which is beneficial to both you and your patients. Also, there will be a noteworthy reduction in the risk of contaminants resulting in a pleasant clinical environment for your patients. 

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