Advantages of Class B Autoclave in Daily Dentistry!!

The management of dental operations is increasingly requiring more skilled dentists, both in terms of knowledge and ability. The speed with which a specific operation is carried out is determined by aspects relating to the procedure in progress as well as the team’s ability to deal with crucial situations. It is critical not to jeopardise both the proper daily dental practise approach and the sterilisation and disinfection protocols for the tools.

Daily Dental Practice

Proper sterilization and pre-sterilization serve a critical role in the effective management of instruments and clinical staff, resulting in minimal downtime, irrespective of the size of the dental practice. Dental Instrument sterilisers are becoming more efficient now-a-days in terms of time and size, ensuring that all the tools are sterile and ready to be stocked for a reasonable timeframe. When it comes to reusable dental equipment that have become contaminated owing to all of the bodily fluids, steam sterilisation is a must.


Dental Autoclave

Surgical instruments, equipment, and other items are sterilised in an autoclave. It has the ability to sterilise solids as well as hollow tools of diverse shapes and sizes. Dental Autoclaves come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and functions. It utilizes steam to kill bacteria, spores, and germs, even bacteria that are resistant to heat. 

Advantages Of Using An Dental Autoclave:

  • Prevention of bacterial growth
  • Prevention of disease contamination
  • Aseptic Treatment to the patient
  • Contamination management to clinical staff
  • Hygiene maintenance in the dental clinic

B Class Dental Autoclave:

B Class Dental Autoclave

The most advanced steam sterilisers are Class B autoclaves. These are validated medical devices that are used in private dentistry offices, as well as hospitals and large clinics. They also meet all sanitary and epidemiological standards.  The Class B autoclave removes all air from the chamber using segmented vacuum cycles. It is the most effective current method for sterilising all types of instruments. 

Quality management has been a priority for Ningbo Runyes Medical Instrument Co. Ltd, as well as unique dental equipment designs. In the dental clinic, the dental steam steriliser is critical for sterilising dental instruments and preventing cross-contamination. Runyes Feng 23L Autoclave has  improved features that make it the most robust & efficient autoclave. 

A few features distinguish the Runyes Feng 23L Class B steam steriliser from other types of autoclaves, making it more well-known and reliable among dentists. A few are mentioned below. 

Triple Vacuum Cycle:

Runyes Tripple Vaccum Cycle

The pre-vacuum cycle removes both contaminated and trapped air from the chamber in the hollow instruments. The second vacuum cycle removes the steam from the chamber, allowing the dry cycle to begin. The third and final vacuum cycle occurs at the end of the sterilisation cycle, guaranteeing that the dental instruments placed inside the chamber are completely sterilised.

B+ Cycle:

Runyes B Cycle

When surgical tools, such as implant kits, are held within the chamber for sterilisation before starting the surgical procedure, the B+ cycle in the Runyes Feng 23L autoclave is performed. It’s also known as the prion cycle since its successful sterilisation holding time of 18 minutes at 134 degrees centigrade kills heat-resistant prion germs on tools.

USB Function:

USB Function

The innovative USB capability of the Feng 23L autoclave is responsible for data accessibility and storage. It saves the sterilisation cycle data, which may be accessed and saved in the system after sterilisation. On the Pendrive that comes with the autoclave, a total of 2000 flash cycles can be saved. It also has provision to connect micro-printer. 

Double Door Lock Safety:

The Feng 23L autoclave’s double door lock system incorporates both a mechanical and an air lock, making it safer and preventing potential hazard from wrong cycle operation.

Double Open Tank Design:

Double Open Tank Design

The double open tank is designed to make operating as simple as possible. A level sensor is installed in both the clean and waste water tanks. If the water level is too high or too low, the machine will sound an alarm. The water quality sensor in the distilled water tank prevents machine failure and extends the autoclave’s life.

Steam Generator Cleaning Program:

Steam Generator Cleaning Program

Steam generator cleaning program needs to be performed at least once in a year to improve the autoclave’s performance and minimise the need for maintenance.


Infection control is vital not only for preventing disease transmission from patient to patient, but also for ensuring that the patient is treated with the highest care and concern. Many aspects, such as a successful dental practise, safety, and peace of mind, are assured with the new enhanced features. To deliver the finest from your end, it is usually best to pick the most Trusted & Reliable solution. This is your greatest option when it comes to selecting an autoclave for a dental clinic that will help you accomplish your job more professionally. 

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