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Advance Piezosurgery Unit – Surgery X


Woodpecker’s 3rd-generation piezosurgery unit, Surgery X, is designed to revolutionize maxillofacial surgeries with its minimally invasive bone cutting technology. Featuring a high-performance handpiece with stable frequency, this unit offers unparalleled accuracy and efficient micron cutting, setting a new standard in surgical precision.


Key Highlights

Precise and Safe Cutting:

  • Surgery X ensures precise cutting without harming soft tissues such as blood vessels and mucous membranes, minimizing the risk of injury during surgery.

Dual LED Handpieces with Latest Sealing Technology:

  • The unit comes with two LED handpieces equipped with the latest sealing technology, preventing performance loss and enhancing visibility during procedures.

Micron Cutting for Faster Healing:

  • Its micron cutting capability promotes faster healing and reduces post-operative trauma, improving patient outcomes.

Versatile Surgical Tips:

  • Included with the unit are 14 versatile tips designed for various osteotomy procedures, offering flexibility and adaptability to meet different surgical needs.

Cold Cutting Mode:

  • The cold cutting mode generates less heat, preventing tissue necrosis and preserving healthy tissue around the surgical site.

User-Friendly 7-Inch Touch Screen:

  • A clear 7-inch touch screen provides easy navigation and can be easily disinfected, maintaining hygiene standards in the surgical environment.

Multifunctional Foot Control for Aseptic Operation:

  • Multifunctional foot control allows for asepsis operation, minimizing contamination risks and enhancing procedural efficiency.

Durable Gold-Plated Tips:

  • Gold-plated tips offer wear resistance and prolonged endurance, ensuring reliable performance over time.

Wide Range of Clinical Applications:

  • Surgery X is suitable for various clinical applications, including osteotomy, osteoplasty, sinus lifts, apicectomy, ankylosed tooth sectioning, impacted tooth removal, ridge splitting, and more, making it a versatile tool in maxillofacial surgery.

Technical Specification

Vibration Amplitude20 to 100µm
Operating ModesBone, Perio, Endo, Clean
Power Level– Power 6,7: Very high-density bone
 – Power 5,4: High-density bone
 – Power 3,2: Low-density bone
 – Power 1,0: Very low-density bone
Cleaning ModeAfter each treatment, using this mode the pump line and handpiece can be cleaned
Working Frequency24-36 kHz
Water Flow25-110ml/min

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The unit employs precise cutting technology that avoids harm to soft tissues like blood vessels and mucous membranes. This ensures accurate procedures without causing unnecessary damage during operation.

The device facilitates micron cutting, promoting faster healing and minimizing post-operative trauma. Additionally, it comes with 14 versatile tips for various osteotomy procedures, enhancing its adaptability and efficiency in different clinical applications.

The cold cutting mode minimizes heat production during procedures, preventing tissue necrosis. The unit, equipped with gold-plated tips for durability, is versatile, catering to various clinical applications such as osteotomy procedures, osteoplasty, sinus lift, apicectomy, ankylosed tooth sectioning, impacted tooth removal, ridge split, and more.

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