5 Reasons To Choose Gnatus Dental Chair For Safe Dental Practice

Dental safety should be prioritized in any dental clinic without any exception. Dental professionals can help their patients to have a stress-free clinical experience by providing a secure dental environment.  In a dental clinic, the first thing noticed by a patient in a dental chair.

Every dentist’s first choice is to invest in a high-quality and aesthetically upgraded dental chair that not only complements the interiors but is also functional and long-lasting. With their own set of amenities and functions are available in the market. To effectively perform the operation at a dental clinic, it must meet a number of requirements in order to suit the dentist’s needs.

The significance of the dental chair cannot be disregarded because it plays an important role in the dental profession both physically and psychologically. The new dental chairs have ensured both patient and dentist comfort, despite the fact that it has been a symbol of discomfort for many patients undergoing different dental procedures.

Problems faced by dental professionals due to an incorrect dental chair:


Over the time, It is used regularly in dental clinics can become unsafe and the design and features become obsolete. However, the following issues a dentist can experience if he chooses the inappropriate dental chair.

  • The discomfort of the patient with the inappropriate backrest while doing the dental procedure
  • Unwanted Accidents during the dental procedure
  • Inability to maintain the Trendelenburg position for the patient in case of any emergency
  • Risk of cross-contamination
  • Unsafe dental operations
  • Dental procedures without proper maintenance of Asepsis
  • Spittoon hygiene is compromised

Reasons to Choose Gnatus Dental Chair for Enhanced Safety:

Gnatus, a Brazilian company, is among the most reputed and trusted dental equipment manufacturing companies in the world of dentistry. The major qualities of Gnatus Dental chairs are their ease of use and ergonomic functionality.

Due to its enhanced safety measures, the newly developed Gnatus S series with unique technology has garnered the trust of many dentists in India.

Reason # 1: Emergency Switch


Gnatus Chair Foot Control 1 (1)

This special feature minimizes unnecessary movement during dental procedures resulting in enhanced safety & the avoidance of unexpected accidents. This is also known as the movement locking system. This safety feature in Gnatus dental chair is mostly useful in the case of paedo patients.

The movement locking feature is available in Gnatus S300, Gnatus S400 & Gnatus S500 dental chairs.

Reason # 2: Trendelenburg Position

Trendelengurg Positing

In case of an emergency situation, when a patient loses consciousness owing to increased anxiety, the first thing any dental professional must do is to maintain the Trendelenburg position.

The patient is supine on the table, head down at an angle, and feet raised in Trendelenburg Position. The patient regains consciousness as the higher central veins fill and vasodilate as a result of position.

Due to the chair synchronization in the Gnatus S500 dental chair, i.e. simultaneous movement of the backrest and the seat, it is easier to maintain Trendelenburg’s position in case of a dental emergency.

Reason # 3: Bio-System

Gnatus Dental Chair Bio System

To eliminate cross-contamination, the Dental Handpiece tubings are carefully flushed with a disinfecting solution when a patient’s dental procedure is completed. This system also extends the tubing’s life.

A disinfecting solution, sodium hypochlorite, diluted with water is utilized in this method. The switch is pressed after mixing one part of sodium hypochlorite with 20 parts of water in a separate container in the water unit. The liquid disinfects the tubings as it flows through them.

Reason # 4: Sensor-Based Chair Control

Dental Chair Sensor

When the majority of the functions are controlled by the proximity sensors, it aids in aseptic operation. In the Gnatus S series, i.e. all the 4 models Gnatus S200, Gnatus S300, Gnatus S400 & Gnatus S500 dental chairs, the spittoon water, and the Dental chair light is controlled through a proximity sensor.

The proximity sensor recognizes when the patient moves his head towards the spittoon to spit, and the bowl rinse begins. It aids in the maintenance of dental clinic hygiene. Furthermore, the sensor-based chair light allows the dental practitioner to turn on or off the light without having to touch it with gloved hands, preventing contamination.

Reason # 5: Anti-Crushing System

Gnatus Dental Chiar Anti Crushing System

This technology is offered in the premium range of dental chairs and protects the objectives put beneath the base from breakage or damage.

The chair moves downward when any object is placed on the base of and the zero-position button is pressed. When the chair comes in contact with the object, it pauses before moving upward to release it. The system is called Anti-crushing because it prevents the obstruction from being crushed.


Because dentistry is a high-risk profession, it is the responsibility of dentists to maintain measures of safety while treating patients. As the dental chair is the most commonly used dental equipment, safety standards are extremely important in order to avoid accidents and ensure high treatment safety. Using the most up-to-date equipment and technology will help you conduct dental operations safely, increasing your dental clinic productivity and earn the trust of patients.

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