5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Microscopic Dentistry – To Enhance Your Dental Practice

Labomed Dental Microscope

Dental Professionals are involved in many key aspects of the Oral Cavity that are Microscopic in size. It is necessary to utilise the Specialised Equipment while working with the Microscopic Structures of the oral cavity. Enhanced visualisation of internal tooth structures remarkably makes work easier, mostly while performing more intricate Dental Treatments. Human hands are capable of performing things with far greater precision than even the most powerful Human Eyes can see.

A Dental Microscope with great magnification enables a Dental Professional to perform immaculate and precise dental procedures. Labomed Magna Dental Microscopes have been used in all phases of Dentistry for the last twenty years, including Periodontal Therapy, Restorative Dentistry, and many Surgical Procedures. These microscopes are primarily intended for use during clinical work with patients.

Dentistry Without A Dental Microscope:

Dentistry without dental Micorscope

Many dental professionals still choose to work in the Dental Clinic without a dental microscope, but there are many problems faced by a dental professional while performing the Dental Procedure with naked eyes.

  • Eye Fatigue or strain to the eyes causes eye pain if a longer procedure is done.
  • The visualization of root canals during Root Canal Treatment is compromised.
  • The precision in Tooth Preparation with line angles and margins remains unnoticeable which causes high points in the resulting crown.
  • The Wrong Working Posture of the Dentist while doing dental procedures results in strain on the neck and back.
  • The unnoticeable dental diseases at the earliest remain undiagnosed and later on can cause Serious Dental Issues to the patient.
  • A few carious lesions during cavity preparation can remain unnoticed and can lead to secondary caries under restoration.
  • Documentation cannot be done.

Why is a Dental Microscope necessary for a dentist?

Dental Micorscope Necessary 1

Magnification improves the accuracy of tooth preparations and margins throughout all types of dental procedures Reducing Damage to the adjacent teeth and the connective tissues.

It is only possible to treat what is visible. The unaided human eye has a resolution of only 0.2 millimetres. Most dentists perform procedures like Endodontic Therapy, Dental Restoration, Periodontal Treatments etc. that need resolution well above the human vision limit of 0.2 millimetres.

Crown margins, caries removal, scaling procedures, incisions, orifice locating in root canal, furcation involvement & perforation repair and bone & soft-tissue grafting procedures are only a few of the procedures that demand tolerances well beyond the 0.2 mm limit.

Benefits of using a dental microscope:

  • Dental Diagnosis


To begin with, the magnification of Dental Structures a dentist acquires while working with a patient under a microscope enables the best quality Oral Examinations. The early signs of dental diseases, as simple as cavities or as serious as periodontal disease can be missed without this magnification. Treatment outcomes are always better when these disorders are caught early and promptly.

  • Restorative Dentistry


This increased awareness at the diagnostic level directly correlates to increased efficiency at the treatment level. Being able to detect tooth fractures is critical in Restorative Dentistry, those dentists who replace broken restorations or fractured teeth with new ones that improve aesthetic as well as restore the functionality of the tooth. Those fractures are likely imperceptible at the macroscopic level, but they become more obvious beneath the microscope. This allows us to figure out where the best area to start tooth restoration is.

  • Improved Ergonomics:

Dentist Vactor with Microscope

One of the most significant reasons that most dentists opt for using a Dental Microscope is the ergonomics or comfort with the right posture. When you observe a dentist working without a microscope, you’ll see that he or she is usually hunched over the patient, with a distorted back and swollen shoulders. The Dentist has pain as a result of this, which may cause him to speed through treatment. The Dental Microscope helps you sit straighter and improves your posture while working on patients. This aspect by itself can significantly contribute to the Dental Career by eliminating neck and back pain.

  • Endodontic Treatment under Microscope:

tooth 1

The magnification is used in endodontics primarily for improving the visualisation to treat obscure microanatomy of the root canals, most importantly when it takes a longer duration to complete the Root Canal Procedure. It’s vital to locate and precisely remove the tooth’s nerve without causing undue damage to the remaining tooth.

It allows endodontists to better locate the orifices, hidden canals identification, Calcification removal, denticles removal, open axes treatment, perforation repair, retrieval of Broken Instruments and many more. This ensures the high precision in the root canal treated tooth with a negligible chance of failure.

  • Periodontal Microsurgery:

teeth 2

The microscope also improves precision while doing any Periodontal Surgery. The improved visual acuity and ergonomics significantly provide many advantages. This is associated with aesthetic Periodontal Plastic Surgery with minimum invasion due to improved visualisation. Regenerative procedures, ridge preservation procedures, sinus augmentation and repair, grafting procedures etc can be performed with less tissue trauma and increased tissue healing.

Other Benefits of Dental Microscope For Dental Specialists:

  1. Capabilities for proper digital documentation are simple to obtain.
  2. Improved Communication Capability Through Integrated Video
  3. Taking out materials like broken filling material.
  4. Clearing impediments from canals.
  5. Access opening to avoid unnecessarily adjacent tissue destroying.
  6. Perforation repair
  7. Detecting and locating cracks and fractures that are not visible to the naked eye.”
  8. Assisting with every phase of endodontic surgery.
  9. Photographic applications and improved photographic documentation
Labomed Dental Microscope:

Labomed Dental Microscope

Labomed Dental Microscopes from the USA is a new trendsetter in the Dental Market with their advanced technology and reliability. Nowadays more dentists are investing in this microscope for all types of Dental Procedures that help them deliver high-quality dental care. Three models are available in these Dental Microscopes i.e. Labomed Magna, Labomed Prima DNT & Labomed Prima Mu. Its Maxlite patented technology gives Anti Reflective and Anti Scratch properties of optics. Ergonomic design gives 0-210 inclinable observation heads. Apo-chromatic optical systems Produce better sharpness and better resolution.


Exact therapy necessitates precise vision. To achieve this goal, cutting-edge technology, and in-depth clinical knowledge are critical. A rising number of dentists are now offering treatments based on Direct Microscopic visualization of the tooth’s microstructures and anatomy. This major change from perceptible-based treatment to High Magnification Treatment under the Dental Microscope is causing a revolution in Dentistry with increased success rates.

Finally, the Dental Microscope is an excellent tool for Documentation, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Education. The exact issue inside the oral cavity of a patient can easily be diagnosed under the microscope, allowing for excellent communication between the primary dentist and consultant dentists. The dental microscope also makes it easier to educate auxiliary staff as well as the patient.

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