5 Impressive Features you should know about Planet Dental Chair

Significant improvements in contorting and ergonomics of the chair have been made over the last 100 years. The upcoming modifications serve to make dental procedures less awkward and fatiguing. In the early 1800s, a rocker with a properly placed log served as a prototype for a mechanical dental chair.

Later individual dentist constructed their dental chair until the mid-1800s when dental manufacturers took over producing a wide selection of chairs with varying degrees of headrest, footrest, back, and seat adjustability.

The recliner chair came in the late 1900s when the patient was in a prone position and the dentist could sit and work. The modern dental chair is designed to provide maximum patient comfort while also allowing the dentist to adjust that allows optimal access to the oral cavity.

These dental chairs are used to carry out all procedures of dentistry without any discomfort to both dentist and patient.

So far considerable progress has been made to give the best quality treatment. For the new setup of a dental clinic, the first question that comes to mind is which chair to purchase. There are numerous brands present in the market today having their own unique set of specifications and advantages. So the decision is tough!!

Worry not. We have the Best Dental Chair which can help you satisfy all your requirements and ease your selection. Planet dental chair is an excellent choice for a new clinic setup.

Why you should buy Planet dental chair?

Planet Dental Chair

Planet Dental Chair is equipped with all ergonomic features which will lessen treatment time and give a comfortable experience for the patient. Its auto mode includes swift movement of the chair up and down with a variety of chair programs to make the patient at ease. Changing the chair position or making the adjustments, again and again, is tiring for the patient sitting on the chair as well as distracting for the dentist. This chair comes with various pre-programmed positions making the treatment a hassle-free experience and thus providing quality work.

5 Impressive Features of Planet Dental Chair

  • Ease of Use:

It has independent up & down and backrest movement with multifunctional foot control for aseptic operation. Safety switch for water-air-electricity with single on/off switch control.

  • Patient Safety & Comfort:

A dedicated switch is available to maintain the “Trendelenburg position” during emergencies. There is a provision for adjusting the Lukewarm water temperature that aids in providing comfort to the patient with dentinal hypersensitivity.

Spitting position setting:  Automatically adjust the bowl rinsing and chair light while also regulating the chair movement for comfortable spitting by the patient without the need for self-adjustment. Concurrently, saves the dentist’s time.

  • Dentist’s Comfort:

The Pneumatic Locking Arm prevents any unnecessary displacements of the instruments or materials kept on the instrument tray during any dental procedure. The Availability of a movable Assistant Arm for Four-handed dentistry speeds up the treatment process. Dental appointments are made easier and faster with a dentist’s console or delivery unit that has a feather touch control panel and three air rotor points.

  • Sensor Controlled Dental Light:

Luxury 6 LED lights with the intensity ranging from 10,000 to 25,000 Lux that can be adjusted on 3 levels as per the convenience of the dentist. The light is sensor controlled to prevent any unnecessary contamination and enhanced hygiene maintenance.

  • Well-Designed Upholstery:

The planet dental chair features seamless upholstery, a comfy seat, and a backrest that is particularly intended to provide extra support to patients throughout lengthy dental treatments. Its double Articulated Headrest assists paedo and handicapped patients in sitting safely and comfortably. One of the key features is the movable right arm, which allows the patient to easily enter and exit the dental chair.


Planet dental chair is one of the best dental chairs in India which is easily available at Unicorn Denmart. Care has been taken to ensure that the product is 100% genuine and is of high quality with the best price for customers.

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